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Viva Mexico

Have you ever vacationed in Mexico, dined in their 5 star restaurants; have you experienced Mexico without jumping on a plane? Well that is exactly what you get when you indulge your taste buds to the infamous Mexican menu Chef veronica introduces you to. You don't have to travel hundreds of miles to get a taste of Mexico when you have Chef Veronica at your disposal.

Her mouth watering Shrimp Tacos, her classical Taco Asado with Cilantro and Onions will always set her infusion of food apart and allow your mind, body and soul to travel with every single bite!

A Taste of the Island

Oye cómo va. With authentic dishes such as Pollo Guisado, Sopa de Res you will believe that you are on the island of Puerto Rico! There is nothing more satisfying than the classical Puerto Rican dishes that will melt in your mouth and speak to you. Thanks to Chef Veronica, all you need is her Puerto Rican Rice seasoned with home made Sofrito, Chuletas (tender pork chops) or order her Jibarito Sandwich. Chef Veronica's Boriqua roots will become fused within you.

Soup, Salads & Sandwiches

Italian inspired or Latin at heart, these are the first courses which will introduce you to the style and flavor profile of Chef Veronica.

Classic Appetizers

Delicious appetizers to open your pallet and introduce your sole to the cuisines that lay ahead. Preparing your pallet for the cultural fusion that is Chef Veronica's style culinary style.

Cold Seafood Starters

Always fresh and always delicious, these delicacies from the sea are perfection perfected

Italian Traditional

A little taste of Italy with pasta and sauces that will make you yell out magnifico. Imagine perfectly cooked Fettuccine in an absolutely creamy Alfredo Sauce with perfectly seasoned grilled chicken or shrimp. Indulge, enjoy and be happy.

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